“The Azov Greeks” is a new look at the history of Mariupol


From the Greeks to the Greeks is a possible name of an entirely new project implemented by the public organization “Alliance” in Mariupol. The Greek culture felt itself so organically in the Azov that it seems the Greeks have always lived there and suited harmoniously to the diversity of the Donetsk region, the region of often displaced internally, rarely – voluntary.

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In quest of ourselves: turning to historical heritage in Mariupol


Tourism based on the historical heritage is a relatively new concept for Ukraine and the eastern part of the country in particular. For a long time in the region it has not been paid due attention to the history of the region. For instance, there is no historical Museums in the Donetsk region.

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“Alliance” has joined the international tourist project ALECTOR

Members of the Donetsk Civic Organization “Alliance” 2-6 June 2014 took part in the project partner meeting ALECTOR, held in Drama (Greece). During the study visit delegates were obtained knowledge in practical terms the program in 2014-2016 years.

The project is carried out within the ALECTOR partnership of the Black Sea. The cooperation involved seven countries: Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova.

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Alliance to make NGOs More Powerful in Donetsk Regions

Donetsk Civic Organization “Alliance” was recently awarded a grant from the U.S. Peace Corps, funded by USAID. The project, “Taking Care of Business – Organizational Development for Sustainable NGOs” will focus on promoting organizational and financial capacity of NGOs.

This project has 3 main components. Alliance will:

  • Deliver training courses on Strategic Planning and Financial Sustainability
  • Develop and maintain an Online Resource Center for NGOs containing operational and updated information on topics such as management, law and financial management,
  • Establish cooperation with existing networks and coalitions at the regional and inter-regional level to ensure their members are informed about changes in laws and regulations, exchange of information and have an opportunity to carry out measures to advocate changes in legislation concerning the activities of NGOs.

“This project has been needed for a long time”, says Svetlana Zakrevska, President of Alliance. “I’m happy that we will be able to bring local NGOs together and become stronger organizations as a result of this grant.”

For over 7 years, Alliance has been an expert in the field of strategic planning and financial management for NGOs.

“Leaders of the NGOs participating in the local Donetsk civic councils and the NGO partners of Alliance have all shared their mutual frustrations with the changes taking place in the Donetsk region in the field of public participation in decision-making and the development of civic society.” says Svetlana Zakrevska, “In this situation, we all feel the need to join forces in working with government agencies, to bring about change for the better.”

Alliance will spend the summer developing the resource center and cooperation networks, and will begin delivering trainings and activities in September 2013.

For more information about this project, please contact Svetlana Zakrevska, alliancedon@gmail.com

EVS volunteers Lifted their Glasses with Champagne


Last week the EVS volunteers of the projects ACTYVE.UA and NICE.UA visited the Artemovsk Winery. The organization of trip was handed by “Alliance” and our partner, RUNY.

After a 2 hour drive from Donetsk to Artemovsk, we arrived at the winery and our foreign volunteers warmly greeted 2 English-speaking guides, Irina and Alexey. For the duration of our tour, they introduced us to the classical methods of making champagne, or rather, sparkling wine. They told about the history of the plant, the varieties of grapes, the various technologies used in the preparation of champagne, and showed us the various rooms where the bottles are stored to turn wine material into sparkling wine.
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Meeting for the all-Ukrainian charitable fundraiser “Heart to Heart”

Annually the Foundation UCF Heart to Heart conducts an all-Ukrainian charitable fundraiser in support of children with various diseases. In 2013, the 8th year in a row, the action will be held from 7 to 28 April under the slogan «Hear the World!» and will be devoted to the collection of funds for the procurement of medical equipment and hearing AIDS to the children with impaired hearing.

Organizers and participants of this fundraiser do not take any of the money collected.  They donate their time and efforts so everyone who makes a donation is directly helping children in need. The coordinator of the charity campaign in the Donetsk oblast is the Donetsk Public Organization «Alliance».
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Our New Website is Under Construction

Thank you for visiting the new website for Alliance!

Please look around. We are adding more information every day.  If you have any questions, please contact us.